Macular Disease

Ageing of the eyes

This is a condition that affects the macula at the back of the eye. There is a higher risk the older we are but generally would not occur before the age of 60. It affects our central vision and can lead to loss of detail and distortion to vision.

It does only affect the central part of our vision so we will not become blind. There are 2 main types dry and wet, it can occur in one or both eyes and can go undetected by the patient in the early stages.

The two different types of macular degeneration. (ARMD)

  • The dry type is more common and generally deteriorates quite slowly, there is often no treatment for this though.
  • The wet type happens when we develop abnormal blood vessels behind the macula and when these leak fluid it can cause distortion and a rapid loss of vision. It can seem like you are looking through fluid and straight lines look wavy. If you notice this we must see you immediately.

That is one of the reasons the government recommends yearly eye exams for over 60’s. Here we can detect, monitor and if possible refer for treatment on this condition. Sometimes simple dietary advice will suffice. Unfortunately smoking is a major risk factor in developing this disease.

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