Glaucoma & Diabetic Screening

Glaucoma & Diabetic Screening

We have all the most up to date equipment to screen, diagnose and monitor these conditions. With this equipment we have several ways to assess the back of the eye, fundus photography and visual field analysis we can detect these conditions early enough to treat and contain visual damage with the correct treatment plan.

Glaucoma is a rare disease with hereditary links that is often asymptomatic in the early stages and can only be detected with regular eye health checks and visual field screening. If left unchecked it can lead to loss of peripheral vision and if diagnosed it can be very easily managed with eyedrops, as with most health issues the earlier its caught the better. Any direct relative of someone with this disease and over the age of 40yrs is advised and funded for yearly checks.

Diabetes is still the most common cause of blindness in the western world and as we know is becoming more prevalent. Type 2 diabetes is becoming too common in todays society and requires close monitoring on a yearly basis by your Optometrists and your local diabetic screening service. It can take years to show any problems in your eyes and with good dietary management we always hope to see no changes at all. If not managed well then the tiny blood vessels in the eyes become fragile and can have small leaks which is when there is a risk of blindness later in life if left untreated.

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