Contact Lens Fitting and After Care

Modern contact lenses

We provide this service to patients requiring an alternative to glasses for sport, social and other requirements. We can fit both soft and hard lenses to cater for all types of prescriptions including astigmatism, presbyopia ie combined distance and reading and for children in some cases.

It’s a lot easier than you think to wear todays lenses with immediate comfort, long term wear options and much easier hygiene regimes. Most lenses are disposable, you can keep and wear the same pair daily for a month or dispose of after every wear so no cleaning at all. Great to throw in the sports bag or holiday bag and wear whatever sunglasses you fancy.

There is normally a nominal fee for the fitting and after care of contact lenses although this is waived if you join one of our frequent replacement scheme with loyalty benefits.

You can have contact lenses for less than 50 pence a day!

Please contact us to book an eye examination, or call us on 01355 221428

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