Childrens Eye Health

Don’t expect your child to tell you if there is a problem!

Most children have excellent vision but the ones who don’t aren’t so easy to discover unless they have their recommended pre school check. At this age is when we want to be diagnosing any of the usual suspects – shortsighted, longsighted, astigmatism, squint. If found at pre school age these conditions have a much better chance of a positive outcome for their future vision.

All of the above if undetected can hinder the development of your child’s vision leading to lazy eyes or always struggling to see the board at school, pursue their chosen career or maybe even not be legal to drive.

The earlier any problems are picked up the better the outcome.

Whether the solution is to wear glasses, wear a part time patch, exercises or all of the above you can be assured we can make a vast difference in the younger children. Leading to a comfortable school life without straining to read or see the board. Unfortunately things like a lazy eye if not detected before the age of about 7yrs may mean permanently defective vision, however we hope these cases are now in the minority with free NHS eye exams available to all under 16’s.

Will they need glasses all the time then?

They may not need to wear them full time or for the rest of their life that depends on a lot of factors that your Optometrist will discuss at the time. The idea is really the opposite that if treated correctly at the correct age the glasses will aid visual development so that they are not as dependant in later life.

Please protect your children’s eyes from the sun.

Your child’s eyes are more vulnerable than us adults and can let in a lot more harmful UV rays, and we know this can contribute to development of cataracts and macular problems later in life. It’s a good idea especially if they are spending more time outdoors to protect them with 100% UV protected sunglasses on land and sea.

We also check all sorts of other eye related development which kids need for later life like colour vision, stereovision, peripheral vision not to mention their health.

Please look after your children’s eyes as I’m sure you do their general and dental health. Don’t wait till there is problem we are much happier not having to find a problem and reviewing happy healthy children every year.

The Scottish government do provide free eye exams for under 16’s or up to 18 if in full time education– If your child should need glasses the NHS will give you a voucher which we can use to cover the cost of the glasses fully preferred.

Please contact us to book an eye examination, or call us on 01355 221428

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