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Computers, phones and tablet use, what does the blue light emitted cause.

Blue light has been a hot topic in the press over recent years and debate over whether screens and tablets emitting these rays may cause damage to our eyes.

The truth is it is the high energy type of light that can for various reasons tire our eyes after long periods of exposure. Also it can stimulate our brain activity and cause sleep disturbance if used just before bed time. It is not recommended to use these devices within a few hours of sleep for this reason. There are now filters that can be put in your spectacle lenses to filter most of this out, please enquire in store for more detail.

Also please note that there is evidence to suggest we do not blink as much whilst staring at these screens leading to drying of the tear film. Without a good tear film our eyes feel tired and the vision can even seem more blurry. For this reason we need to be deliberate about blinking to refresh the tear film and soothe these symptoms. In some more annoying cases we may prescribe lubricating eyedrops to supplement the tear film during prolonged use of screens. The sensible advise for any user of screen whatever type is to take regular breaks ie 10 mins within every hour to alleviate alot of these adverse symptoms. Give oyur legs a stretch, look around the room to let your eye muscles focus at a different distance and drink some water to stay hydrated.


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